The most frequent professional development requests we receive are for in-service, ranging from a single day to periodic consultation throughout the school year.  However, to better ensure sustainability of reform initiatives, we recommend long-range plans of ongoing embedded staff development.  In addition, we suggest that these plans include the entire team – not only classroom teachers, but also paraprofessionals and administrators as well.

Topics for workshops vary according to the needs of the sponsoring school or district.  We will work with you to develop a plan that best reflects your goals.  Topics most frequently asked for include:

  • Implementing CCSSM within the classroom, across the school, and throughout the district, particularly around problem solving, performance-based assessment, and the Mathematical Practices
  • Incorporating social justice themes, teaching for meaning, and encouraging “citizens of conscience”
  • Understanding the “cycle of change” and developing youth action plans for addressing community issues
  • Enhancing understanding of math content (for example, how strands build across the grades) and the link to math standards
  • Addressing number sense, operations, and algebraic thinking
  • Using manipulatives effectively to reinforce conceptual understanding
  • Differentiating math instruction
  • Adopting standards-based math programs – strategies for success
  • Building home/school partnerships through Family Math, Family Science, and social justice
  • Strengthening collaborative learning communities
  • Building capacity for leadership – training the trainers

See Sample Topics and Institutes for a closer look into some of our offerings.