On this page you will find useful resources on such topics as mathematics instruction and assessment, the math/literacy connection, interdisciplinary studies, social justice, favorite websites, book reviews, and more. We will periodically update this page, so check back often to see what’s new. If you have a resource you’d like to share please send us an email!

Downloadable Documents

Supporting Problem Solving: Effective implementation of problem solving and performance-based assessment is a team effort. Schools having the best success create thoughtful plans about how the initiative will be implemented in their communities. Here is an overview of our recommendations and the strategies these successful schools employ to enhance success.

Bridges and Barriers: We created this template for school teams and district leaders to use when discussing a new initiative. It asks groups to identify their assets and strengths as well as the challenges they face.

Literature Books for Primary: From a workshop on using children’s literature as springboards for math/science lessons, here is a list of books that can drive excellent lessons. The focus is on primary grades.

Favorite Websites

Illuminations: Created by NCTM this site is a treasure trove of excellent math lessons PK-12. Don’t miss the web links on the main page for additional resources. NCTM members can also download journal articles.

Teaching Tolerance: A project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, this is a wonderful site for anyone interested in promoting diversity, respect, and social justice in the classroom. The project offers classroom activities and free teaching kits for K-12.