Institutes Overview


MATH  We periodically bring institutes to select locations throughout the US. These institutes range from 1-4 days and require a per person registration fee. However, schools interested in co-hosting an institute can receive registration discounts for a select number of local registrants. We are always scouting new locations – contact us to learn more!  Here are overviews of three very popular institutes we offer:

Math Matters!
This intensive two-day institute focuses on improving math instruction in immediate and practical ways. Through a series of workshops, personal reflections, and small group exercises, we explore the links between CCSSM Standards and mathematics curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Some questions we consider: What makes for exemplary math instruction? How do I improve my instructional techniques? Why is it important for consistency within the grades, across the school, throughout the district? Whether you are a classroom teacher, paraprofessional, or administrator, you will leave the institute with practical tools, relevant theory, and ready-to-use lessons that will bring new insight and enthusiasm to your math program, particularly in light of the CCSSM Standards.

The CCSSM/Algebraic Thinking Institutes K-8
This institute explores the foundations of algebraic thinking, specifically the links to operations and an understanding of patterns and functions. In three grade bands – K-3, 4-5, and 6-8 – we explore how the strand grows within and across grades. Emphasis is placed on addressing CCSSM within the context of problem solving. Manipulatives such as Unifix Cubes, Color Tiles, Base Ten Blocks, Pattern Blocks, and Algebra Tiles are used extensively. In addition, participants have the opportunity to design and showcase relevant lessons with their grade-level colleagues.

The Math/Literacy Connection
This institute offers valuable insights and tools to help participants better understand how literacy affects the learning of mathematics. It addresses critical issues in reading and writing in mathematics, and includes the following:  math content, the importance of vocabulary, effective use of journaling, graphic organizers, children’s literature as springboards for math/science lessons, how storytelling/oral traditions can inform and shape problem solving tasks, and incorporating social justice themes into all areas of math.  Participants leave with ready-to-go lessons, children’s literature books, and manipulatives for implementing lessons.

TGPP The Growing Peace Project is a peacemaking, social justice, and youth activism educational nonprofit that brings together kids from diverse communities to address community issues they care about.  The free year-long program culminates in a summer youth activism retreat in Vermont.  Launching soon, GHC is partnering with TGPP to offer a professional development institute for schools.  Registration information can be found here.