Busy Busy!

Here are some highlights of our recent activity:

-As I wrote about in September we held our second annual retreat in August 2012.  A group of returning students from Vermont and New York City spent four days engaged in “Food For Thought,” our program that explores poverty and food insecurity.

-Our free food garden continued serving those in need.  Students at the retreat helped harvest, and spent a day preparing meals at a local homeless shelter.

-Two new schools joined the project for 2012-2013:  a Waldorf school in Vermont and a charter school in Minneapolis.  They are currently in the early stages of collaborating online on community issues, and getting to know one another through a letter-writing exchange.

-We took a field trip to the American Anthropological Association’s exhibit on race at ECHO science museum.  The day was filled with thought-provoking information, images, and presentations.

-We reached out to a middle school in Far Rockaway, Queens, NYC, hard hit by Hurricane Sandy.  Our students are considering ways to best help the school and displaced families.

-We’re working on a curriculum for a series of family cooking classes, with an emphasis on healthy eating, garden produce, and nutritious, economical meals.

-Thanks to one of our student activists we now have a Facebook page.  This is especially welcome, as it allows us to share our work with folks everywhere.

-We received the Sisters of Mercy Peace Award from St Michael’s College.  These grant funds will help us bring our Minneapolis students to our 2013 retreat.


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