Empowering Learners

Galusha Hill Consulting offers professional development services in mathematics education and social justice. We provide the tools and support schools need to empower students to become confident problem solvers and advocates for positive social change. We emphasize command of mathematics within a problem-solving curriculum, a focus that fosters the development of essential life skills.

Our Focus

For over 30 years Galusha Hill Consulting has been in the forefront of mathematics education.  Focusing on the interface between math curriculum, instruction, and assessment, our professional development services are designed to strengthen teacher effectiveness while building capacity for change.   We offer consultation that considers the entire educational team – students, teachers, paraprofessionals, parents, administrators – while incorporating training in leadership, communication, and team-building. We work with schools, organizations, and groups who seek ways to build collaborative learning communities within the context of mathematics education. Our services range from individual workshops to long-term partnerships in systemic reform.  In addition, we offer topics that incorporate social justice themes into school programs. In 2010 GHC director Jacqueline Labate founded The Growing Peace Project, a peacemaking, social justice, and youth activism educational nonprofit. ... 


The mission of The Growing Peace Project is to break down cultural divides by bringing together students from varying backgrounds. Through a year-long collaboration between schools in different parts of the country students come together to learn about each other’s cultures, address social justice issues, and engage in service learning.    Read More →


The following is from our inaugural year, and was posted by Jacqueline Labate, Project Coordinator, in December 2010: The 2010-2011 project brings together classes from two middle schools, one in rural Vermont and the other in urban New York City.  Three teachers and I make up the planning and teaching team for this educational opportunity.  We work closely together to plan and implement the project, and I provide additional support and resources as needed.     Read More →

Join Us

Interested in joining us?  Here are 3 ways to support The Growing Peace Project: 1.  Become a partner school. Contact us if you’re interested in joining next year’s project. We invite your participation, and welcome your thoughts and ideas. 2.  Spread the word. Pass along the project to your friends and colleagues. Request email notification of project developments. Join our blog.  Read More →